Jurgen Fretschner

About Jurgen

I was born in southern Germany, Lake Constance (Bodensee), near the boarder of Switzerland and Austria, where I grew up until the age of five when my parents decided to move to Canada. We lived in Stratford, Ontario for 4 years and when I was nine we moved back to our home in Germany, where I went through the school system and then completed my apprenticeship as a Technical Draftsman and worked for the German Aerospace Industry for 10 years.

At the age of 20, I was drafted in the German Army (Bundeswehr) for my mandatory 15 month service.  After the first three months of basic training I served the remaining twelve months in the Air Force.  I returned to the German Aerospace Industry after serving until I decided to emigrate to Canada in May of 1993.

I started my own export company when I first moved to Canada, however real estate has always been a passion for me.  Combining my passion for real estate and the love of being self-employed, I started my career in Real Estate in 1996.

The demand to complete my tasks in detail and on time working in the Aerospace Industry together with the discipline instilled in me by the German Army have been great assets in pursuing my Real Estate career and helping my clients achieve their real estate goals.

Over the years I have developed an extensive knowledge in all aspects of real estate, whether residential, commercial, condominiums or investment real estate.  I have built professional relationships with developers that are advantageous for my investor clients and their condo investments as well as offering a condo investment mentorship program.  In addition, I have developed relationships with other respected professionals such as lawyers, mortgage advisors, and home inspectors to name a few.  They help support my clients throughout their purchase or sale of a property.

Jurgen Fretschner